You will find yourself in an intellectual game atmosphere where there is only one way out.
Find solutions, use clues, solve riddles and puzzles.

Escape Room Stockholm Pris

2-3 Personer - 990 SEK

4 Personer - 1320 SEK

5 Personer - 1659 SEK

6 Personer - 1980 SEK

7 Personer - 2310 SEK


Escape Room Team-building


In order to participate in a Escape Room Stockholm game (Roomescape) you should be a group of 2 to 6 people. Some challenges require your collective efforts.



Think together and solve all the exciting riddles, find clues and codes to escape from the room in less than an hour.



During the quest the Game Master watches carefully over your progress. Should you get stuck at some point you can get hints and clues.

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How it works

  • På plats

    On site

    You receive a short instruction regarding what, how and when. We shall ask you to leave your purses, cell phones, watches, PCs, cameras, etc. in a locker. Afterwards we lock you up and start the timer that will stop in 60 minutes or earlier.

  • Under tiden

    Down the road

    It is here that you need to employ your whole team’s creativity and senses (intuition included) to find secret places, solve puzzles and interpret clues. You can get useful tips in case you get stuck at some point. If you do not manage to find the way out of the room in 60 minutes we open the doors so that you can leave.

  • För att segra

    To win

    You do not need to be an expert of any kind or have special skills. Breaking anything is not implied. Think of it as an intellectual adventure! Regardless of your result we guarantee you an ocean of positive impressions and a great joy of team work.

  • Boka Escape Room Stockholm Nu!

    It is

    more than you need to know to play the game. You will find out the rest. Book your new adventure and discover it yourself!

What people say?

tripadvisor 5 stars

“It’s a must!”

This is really super fun! An extremely good teambuilding exercise for friends, family and why not colleagues. Run a kick-off of your new project by playing Escape Room! You will not regret it!

tripadvisor 5 stars

“There is no escape?”

After lots of pressure from my wife to go to this Roomescape I went there with my brother and his wife. I was quite skeptical about the whole thing to say the least, but I was so wrong. I haven’t had so much fun for a while and now I get to nudge my wife to go there again. Additional plus for a most pleasant staff.

tripadvisor 5 stars

“Awesome game!”

We are a group of people with mixed experiences of these Escape Room games – and this game was one of the best we have played! Very pleasant staff and really good and quite tricky game. Highly recommended!


What is Escape Room Stockholm Game?

Imagine that you are playing a computer game, where you have 60 minutes to find a way out of the room, using things you find in the room, using logics and solving various puzzles.

Who can play Escape Room?

You do not need any special knowledge or skills to play. All the ages of 14 to ∞ can participate in the game.

Can children participate in the activity?

Children from 8 years can participate but then you should have at least one adult in the team.

What is Escape Room games at Quezzle?

Games at Quezzle is not just a room that contains puzzles and quests. It is an immersion in a certain atmosphere in which each assignment and riddle adapted to keep the whole experience.

Do you serve drinks or food on site?

No, we only provide the activity.

How many people is optimal?

You can be 2-6 people in our room for the optimal experience.

Which kind of company Escape Room for?

The activity is perfectly suited for all kinds of parties. Birthdays, Team Buildings, kick-offs, Family Gatherings, pre-party and many more!

What does it cost?

The cost varies depending on group size.
2-3 people – 990 SEK
4 people – 1320 SEK
5 people – 1650 SEK
6 people – 1980SEK

Where can I read reviews from people who have been there?

To build your own opinion you should test Escape Room for yourself. However, if you want to get inspired by others, you have the opportunity to read reviews and see the happy customer faces on Quezzle Facebook page.

Can larger groups play Escape Room at Quezzle?

We welcome larger groups in cooperation with several rooms in central Stockholm. Please send your request to with group size, date and time you wish to play.

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